-You will understand how there are many different trickster characters around the world. You will look at an online atlas and globe to locate where each trickster is located.


Does this story remind you of another story ---? numbered heads

World Atlas from Britannica

Britannica Geography Game

Then storytell Love and Roast Chicken.

Coyote McDermott.jpg
American South West Trickster Tale

Raven McDermott.jpg
Raven North America - Pacific Northwest Trickster Tale

Pigboy Hawaii Trickster Tale.jpg
Hawaiian Trickster Tale

monkey mcdermott.jpg
India Trickster Tale

papagayo mcdermott.jpg
South American Trickster Tale - Brazil

jabuti mcdermott.jpg
South America -Amazon Trickster Tale

Ghana, Carribean: Anansi

zomo the rabbit.jpg

Quarter 3
Folktale: Love and Roast Chicken [South American folktale]
- focus on Trickster Tales from around the world [ globe/ atlas]
LA. locate specific information using organizational features [map]
LA.1.5.11 variouls literary forms - trickster tales
Cultural Diversity: South America
Differentiated: storytelling, realia[globe], dramatic
Technology - online atlas
Kagan-numbered heads for searching for countries matching the trickster.
If there is time storytell the african trickster Zomo the Rabbit.
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Common Core
CC1RL3 Describe characters, settings and major events using key details.
CC1RL9 Compare and contrast the adventrures and experiences of characters in stories.