How to use Tagxedo

SWBAT - I can use digital tools like word clouds to express a message or information that could be used in presentations.

1. Go to the Create Page of Tagxedo and choose shape

  • Click on the triangle by Shape to get your menu of shape choices


2. Choose your shape choice

it is possible to upload your own image - for a shape - but that is more advanced.
Step 2.jpg

3. Now type in your text or copy and paste - using the LOAD... then hit submit.


4. The fun begins.

Choose your theme. Then play around with different fonts, orientation of words and basic layout design.


5. The most important step is how to save your word cloud. Raise your hand at this point if you are at school.

If at home ask your parents.

At school -
Save in
2,Student Share
3.Media Digital Projects
4. [your grade level]
5. your teacher name]


Diplomat Tagxedo Example.jpg

Finished Tagxedo using html - advanced - only viewable with flash [ not IPAD friendly]