Parp 2017 - Poster Contest and Reading Rewards.

The Forgotten Forest: A Super Secret Sometimes Spooky Reading Adventure

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Watch our play NOW!

This year's slogan for the poster contest

- pick either entries due Thursday November 9th

  • Reading is an Adventure or

  • The S'MORE You Read the S'MORE You Know

See the rules listed below and go to last year's winners here

How students earn weekly bookmarks. This will last 5 weeks / ACT 2 is November 17th
  • You must read 5 out of 7 nights at home for 20 minutes with a parent/guardian or to a parent/ guardian
  • The parent/ guardian signs their planner each night : Yes my student read 20 minutes for PARP with me.
How a class earns the BIG Prize – and a book for you the teacher of that winning class.
  • All classes who have had 100% of students earn 1 bookmark can place their teacher's name in the drawing.
  • On Act 2 – Ms. Vertrees will pull out the winning class for each performance
  • What do you win
    • o Stuffed Animal Mascot to have in your class all year long.
      • § K- 2 is the Big Reading Bear
      • § 3-5 will be our Diplomat Bobcat
      • A bag of skittles for the class – once you see the play / that will make sense
      • And a Class Read Aloud book for the teacher [ hard cover title to be revealed ACT 2]
Plus we have the Parp Poster contest --- handout in your boxes.
  • Entries due to media by Thursday November 9th
  • Students must follow all instructions to be considered.
  • The Rules:

  • Create your own Reading Poster [ this should be student work
  • Use one of these 2 slogans - and have it on the poster spelled correctly
  • ---- Slogan 1: Reading is an Adventure
  • -----Slogan 2: The S'MORE You Read the S'MORE You Know
  • Poster Size: no smaller than 12 by 18 inches
  • Flat posters only - NO Dioramas or 3 dimensional pieces
  • Any Materials can be used [markers, colored pencils, water colors, etc.]
  • On the BACK of your poster put your first and last name, your grade and your teacher's name
  • The medal this year is a pretty cool PAW Print design and big too.
  • Their poster hangs all year in media.
  • Winners announce at the end of Parp ACT 2.