Parent Pick- Up Procedures at Diplomat Elementary School

Informational video by M. Harclerode 2013.

We are very concerned about the safety of the traffic on and around our school at dismissal time. With the Fire House and Day Care both operational, it is important that we keep lanes clear for traffic, while obeying all traffic laws.

  1. Please do not arrive earlier than necessary. The first cars should start lining up only a few minutes before dismissal.
  2. Please have the name placard of your student visible from your windshield. This helps to move the cars quickly around the loop.
  3. Please be patient and wait in line. What an awesome opportunity for great reading.
  4. Please do not park your car and get out -- with or without the engine running. All parents should remain in their cars.
  5. Children should be picked up at the designated area only. Please do not instruct your child to walk to another spot to be picked up.

Diplomat Elem. Pick- Up Procedure Map