Let's Grow Our Library - into a Learning Common for the 21st Century

creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

  • Presentation Area:
  • For Teaching and Students presenting to other classes.
  • Skyping an Expert
  • Staff and community meetings

  • Research and Media Lab:
  • housed with laptops and ipads lab
  • for databases and online catalog
  • creation of digital projects [scanners/ editing software/ cameras]

  • Storytelling Corner
  • Folktales and storytelling events by librarian
  • Teacher and classrooms to use and enjoy
  • create cozy area here - but outside of storytelling area have some comfortable reading areas too

BeFunky_WILD THINGS.jpg.jpg
Thanks to our WONDERFUL parent volunteers -Ms. Flavia Torrente and Mrs. Meredith Clavero
Keep Watching the Library Redesign is Underway! This marvelous mural is part on our Fairy Tale Forest
and was unveiled at our very successful Book Fair. See how the easy section and library use to look here

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Seating at Diplomat Pictures - before

Shelving at Diplomat Pictures - before

THE BEFORE: Library Fall 2013

dream big.jpg
What we have accomplished?

2015 - 2017
Most walls painted.
Theme Plaques moved.
30 computers in Research/ Media Lab
E book print collection increased.

2014- 2015
New Seating and Tables
Counters Redone in Navy Blue
24 computer in the Research / Media Lab
Easy section - New Mural

2013- 2014
More books- added 600 [double]
10 Computers for Research/ Media Lab
Computer tables ordered
Open areas/ cozy areas
Lowered shelving
Textbooks moved for storytelling corner

Next Stages
Smart Board/ LCD projector centered
Tablets/ or IPADS
More electric outlets
E Books
Paint [ library has not been painted]
Theme plaques moved to Cafeteria
Updated shelving, lighter -mobile
Cohesive Look/ Theme/ Murals
Cozy Seating for staff & students

Floor plan of the Proposed Diplomat Library
Floor Plan 2.jpg

Imagine Your Library - good overview of what a library redesign can become and why. Ontario, Canada
Anita Brooks Kirkland
Anita Brooks Kirkland
by Anita Brooks Kirkland - creative common share