Google Slides 4th & 5th

Using Fact/ Opinion & Fake Post

Big Idea: You will be making a google slide presentation learning how to sign in to your account, use the app, choose a theme, insert images [copyright free] and adding text.

This lesson will use a forest animal where slides will feature a fact, an opinion
and a Fake Post. This may be a 3 part lesson.

FART Test.jpg

Create Fake Post First

Go to the FART Test & then create your own fake post that you will download and save in google drive.

1. Sign into your google chrome book.
2. Go your Google Drive [ either it will come up or you can go to launchpad]
3. Select your apps from Google Drive.
4. Chose Google slides.
5. Go to Template Gallery - click arrows - let's choose Photo Album from personal.
6. Rename photo album - [Your Name] Forest Animal
7. Chose your theme - on the right

8. editing our slide 1 with text and photos
  • Highlight and type your animal name [ where it said West Coast Road Trip]
  • Then type your name and year [ in 2nd box]
  • Click on picture - you will get blue lines.
  • go up to tool bar and click on replace image [ or right click/ 2 tap touchpad]
  • pick search the web
  • type Your Animal Name- - select one you like click on little magnifying glass in corner
9. Now delete the 3 picture boxes
10. Insert - Image - search web
11. Use copyright free images
  • check to make sure you have permission to use [ not copyrighted]
  • hit blue button replace
12. Now slide 2 - you will replace image with a forest animal you like.
13. Change text to your animal fact. Go to database to get fact.
14. Slide 3 write Fact, Opinion & Fake ???
15. Slide 4 - go to your encyclopedia site and cite it. [copy/ paste command]
16. Slide 4 - change top text to FACT, change bottom text to citation [paste]
17. Slide 4 - get another animal picture.

18. Delete all other slides 5 - 10
19. Create for slide 5 - Opinion slide
  • Duplicate 2 and move to position 5
  • Make an opinion - change pictures
20. Duplicate slide 3 and move to position 6
21. Duplicate slide 4 and move to position 7
  • select new picture
  • Opinion [ where it says Fact]
  • delete the citation
22. Duplicate slide 5 move to position 8
  • Delete all the boxes
  • Insert - Image - From Drive your saved Class Tools Fake Headline
23. Duplicate 6 move to position 9
24. Duplicate 7 move to position 10
  • search for funny animal
25. Duplicate 1 move to position 11
26. Go to toolbar and select transition. It will say no transition.
  • choose transition
  • chose how fast
  • chose apply to all slides
27. at the top right - select present this will be saved in your drive.

Wow you did it !!