4th Grade and 5th Grade Cite Your Sources

using sources celebrating Black History Month

What does the word CIVIL mean?

Big Idea : Understand that Good Digital Citizens cite their sources to avoid Plagiarism.

Begin to learn about Bibliographies.

4th grade autobiography Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges
  • 1960 - pg. preface " When I was six years old ..."
  • New Orleans - K went to segregated school 1958
  • Brown vs. Brown - desegregation 1954 - the year she was born
  • 1 of 6 to pass the test - went to William Frantz school 11/60
  • No others students, no lunch in the cafeteria [ pg. 48], no recess - marshals outside

Bridges, Ruby. Through My Eyes. New York: Scholastic, 1999. Print.

hired hand.jpg
Folktale for 5th Grade - The Hired Hand Robert D. San Souci
compare with Kizzy Ann Stamps.

Traced back to a Gypsy Folktale in 1889 - but also
1887 African American Folktale first written down.
Dick Brown recited it in 1871 - Petersburg, VA

D., San Souci Robert, and Illustrated By Jerry Pinkney. The Hired Hand. New York, N.Y: Dial, 1993. Print.

Civil Rights - Ruby Bridges by Jamie McGrath

Civil Rights - Ruby Bridges. Prod. Jaime McGrath. Perf. Ruby Bridges. Civil Rights - Ruby Bridges. Jaime McGrath, n.d. Web. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecBORXfap9A>.

Let's Practice Citing sources

Cite This For Me

or with EasyBib or BibMe has ads on this site.

Choose MLA - stands for Modern Language Association.

To see further info and handouts on Bibliographies go here

If you steal information without giving credit - or respecting if it is copyright free - you';; be a pirate

Part 2

Kahoot game on Citing Sources

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What is NAPPY

Steps in how to create a bibliography by Shannon Murphy
21 February 2011

Practice 1 - Book

  1. Open up google docs in your google apps [you are opening a new tab]

  2. Type this heading - Bibliography

  3. Go to Cite This For Me [you are opening a new tab.]

  4. Look on the toolbar for 1. Add Reference - choose Book

  5. Type in Book Title, select autocite to the side of the box

  6. -- then check the correct one & select add selected books.

  7. Choose MLA 8 [ 2. Choose Style]

  8. Select copy and paste.

  9. Go to your google docs and paste [ you can edit it from there of needed]

Practice 2 - Website - note it may need author and publisher info.

  1. Click on this site about Citing Sources

Practice 3 - go to our database from launchpad - Reference Materials/ Britannica School

  1. Now look up an article about that animal you selected for your word cloud.

  2. Look for the check mark and select that - then copy and paste.

If time Google Searching
If time Creative Commons and Copyright

4th Grade and 5th Grade
Big Idea: Understand that Good Digital Citizens cite their sources to avoid Plagiarism. Begin to learn about Bibliographies.
Learning Objectives: Students understand the importances of citing their sources.
Performance Task: Prezi, video, practice[realia] using citing source with black history resources [ print and online] nonfiction stories on Ruby Bridges

Lesson Link -

1.Extention:online resources [ databasee]
2.Technology- video of Pirate Dance [brain break] - also connect with Pirating in the Digital Worls
3. Higher Level thinking skills - what is a good digital citizen,
4. Kagan: numbered heads with the vocab- digital citizen, citing, plagiarism

NF connection: Biography Ruby Bridges
Cultural Diversity: African American / Black History Month
LA.4.LAFS.4.W.3.7, LA.4.LAFS.4.W.3.8

LA.5.LAFS.5.W.3.7, LA.5.LAFS.5.W.3.8

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