3rd Grade Digital Media and Research Lab

April is National Poetry Month - let's explore with Scholastic.

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Practice Genre Jeopardy with Mrs. H. Then scroll down to Dance Mat Typing.

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Reference and Research

1. Review Reference Source

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From Oswego School District

From Oswego Studyzone

2. Pick a topic you are interested in -- then explore that topic with the two online encyclopedias below.

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1. Britannica Learning Zone.jpg.png

Create a word cloud with Mrs. H

  • You will open several tabs, learn to copy and save, as well as save your work to your folder.

1. Tagxedo Tutortial

Step 1 Tagxedo.png

2. Go to the Tagxedo Create Page

and create word cloud

3. Now save your jpg to

  • Student Share
  • Media Digital Projects
  • Third Grade
  • Your Teacher's Folder

Section 1:

----PLAY: Shelver's Game - then Practice on the Online Catalog

--- EXTRA: explore Book Trailers For Readers or practice Typing Skills

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Diplomat Online Catalog.jpg
Diplomat's Online Catalog


Book Trailers.jpg
Book Trailers For Readers

Dance Mat Typing