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Media Orientation - Grades 2- 5

Lesson 1
Big Idea Topic: Media Orientation and pirate code
Learning Objectives: Students will review the media rules

Performance Task: Watch Prezi on Rules, Check Out Books modeling the rules.

Folktale -The Legend of Bell Rock
Cultural Diversity: Scotland
Differentiated: storytelling, technology[ prezi/ video],
Kagan: Mix Freeze Group
Technology: - created prezi on media rules w/ pirate tie in,

LAFS.6.SL.1.1,b. , LAFS.4.SL.1.1 b., LAFS.3.SL.1.1 b, LAFS.2.SL.1.1 b
- Follow agreed-upon rules ...
Cognitive Complexity: Level 3: Strategic Thinking & Complex Reasoning
Lesson Link

Quarter 1:
Lesson 2 - Grades 2
Big Idea Topic: Collections in the Library and Just Right Chapter Books
Learning Objectives: Students will learn collections in the library including Just Right Chapter Books
Performance Task: Watch 2nd Half of Prezi, Use provided map in teams using and listen to fractured folktale Dusty Locks and The Three Bears
Literature: Fractured Fairytale - Dusty Locks and the Three Bears
Kagan: Version of Numbered Heads using their new team names
Technology: prezi created by M. Harclerode, prezi


In order to read a variety of literature and informational text - students need to be able to find these sources.
FICTION: By the end of the year, read and comprehend literature, including stories, dramas, and
poetry, at the high end of the grades 4–5 text complexity band independently and
Cognitive Complexity: Level 2: Basic Application of Skills & Concepts

NON FICTION: Draw on information from multiple print or digital sources, demonstrating the ability to
locate an answer to a question quickly or to solve a problem efficiently.
Cognitive Complexity: Level 2: Basic Application of Skills & Concepts
lesson link
Next rotation: connect Dusty Lock to Non Fiction Books About Bears
---Lesson 3 & 4 & 5 [for 2nd and 1st grade] Parts of Books: focus on call numbers and titles
Note: this lesson is a 3 session lesson:
  • Session 1 Whole Group Demo
  • Session 2 Centers [computer lab & table top]
  • Session 3 Centers [ repeat with groups switching activities]
Big Idea: I can understand the basic parts of a computer, and parts of a book, including ABC order and categories
Learning Objectives: Students will identify the main parts of a computer, and review the main parts of a book, including how ABC order helps categorize books.
Performance Task - watch videos , whole group demo of computer skill games, centers: both computer lab and table top.
NF Books on Bears extends past storytelling unit Dusty Locks and the Three Bears [fractured fairytale] will link to future digital project

Lesson Link - general computer basics
Intro to October Centers -general
2nd Computer Session 1 [please view for 2nd grade details]

1.Extension Work: Slogans in Advertising - like Titles in books - connect with Reading Poster contest, in centers review of last weeks Caldecott Books. bear did you know facts for future wordlles[digital project]
2.Technology: smart board presentation of computer skill games, computer lab centers [see lesson link], videos
3 HIgher Level Thinking Skills: What message are we trying to sell with reading posters.

LA.2.LAFS.2.RI.4.10, LA.2.LAFS.2.L.3.5.a, LA.2.LAFS.2.W.2.6, LA.2.LAFS.2.SL.1.1.a, LA.2.LAFS.2.RI.2.5

Cooperative Learning

Lesson 6 & 7
Note: this lesson is a 2 session lesson:

  • Session 1 Whole Group Storytelling Part 1 - Whole Class -Tagxedo Word Cloud with Bear facts
  • Session 2 Whole Group Storytelling Part 2- Create own tagxedo with dictionary definitions of animals [copy paste online dictionary]

Big Idea: I can use a dictionary to understand the meaning of a word [online & print]

Learning Objectives: Student will understand that a dictionary is a reference book that can help clarify the meaning of words and is set up in alpha order with guide words.
Performance Task: listen to story,numbered heads whole group demo word clouds , computer lab - animal word cloud with dictionary definition
Lesson Link - Man Who Tricked A Ghost - Dictionary
Tagxedo Link - use bear facts whole group/ look up definitions of animals for word cloud [independent]

1.Extention: NF Books- Bears [links with previous lesson Bear - did you know facts]
2.Technology- with help will make word clouds of bears in group, word clouds of different animals using dictionary definition/ online dictionary
3.Higher Level thinking skills - evaluate and analyze what does the text mean
4. Kagan: share pair & numbered Heads

Folktale: Chinese folk tale :Part 1 -Man Who Tricked a Ghost
Cultural Diversity: Folktale from China

LA.2.LAFS.2.SL.2.5, LA.2.LAFS.2.W.2.6, LA.2.LAFS.2.RI.2.5

Key Words
Story Telling

Quarter 2:

Lesson - glossary 8
The Rough Faced Girl, Jack the Giant Slayer
Lesson 9 & 10

Note: this lesson is a 2 session lesson:

  • Session 1 Whole Group Storytelling Part 1 - Perfect Orange and Parts of a Book Lesson
  • Session 2 Whole Group Computer Lab Part 2- Review and Practice on parts of a book

Big Idea: I can use Table of Contents, Glossary and Index to help find information.

Learning Objectives: Student will use parts of a book to locate information[ focusing on print sources and introducing that digital index and T of C may be hyperlinked.
Performance Task: listen to story power points, games,computer lab - independent practice

Lesson Link- Perfect Orange - Parts of Book

Makerspace - independent practice with parts of book

1.Extention: Brief Intro of Parts of Book in First Grade - this is more in depth
2.Technology- video, power point, computer lab practice with parts of book
3. Higher Level thinking skills - "Because she was Sincere and Generous her neighbors loved her" " Why was the King Wise"
4. Kagan: numbered Heads with higher level thinking questions

Folktale:The Perfect Orange
Cultural Diversity: Folktale from Ethiopia
NF Book: NF Books on Africa

LA.2.LAFS.2.W.3.7, LA.2.LAFS.2.W.2.6, LA.2.LAFS.2.L.3.4.e, LA.2.LAFS.2.RL.1.2, LA.2.LAFS.2.RI.2.5

Key Words
Story Telling

Quarter 3

Lesson 11
  • Whole Group Storytelling : Fly Eagle Fly and Black History Month
Big Idea: I can understand the main message/ theme from this folktale
and how this tale from another country can relate to my life. Diversity
Learning Objectives: Students with promoting will make connections
between ideas [freedom to soar and dream, that an education is the key] and [ apartheid, & civil rights]
Performance Task: listen to story,song, Kagan numbered heads video, nonfiction stories on Martin Luther King Jr.
Also review of Dictionary and Guide words
Lesson Link -
1. Extention: review of Dictionary and guide words
2.Technology- video of Sea's Fly Like an Eagle - with body motions [brain break]
3. Higher Level thinking skills - why did it bother the neighbor that the farmer raised the eagle as a chicken
4. Kagan: numbered heads on main theme/ author's purpose
Folktale: African - Fly Eagle Fly
NF connection: Biography Martin's Big words
Cultural Diversity:African & African American

  • Standards
    LA.2.LAFS.2.RL.3.9, LA.2.LAFS.2.RI.1.3, LA.2.LAFS.2.RL.1.3,
  • LA.2.LAFS.2.L.3.5.a, LA.2.LAFS.2.L.3.4.e, LA.2.LAFS.2.RI.2.4

    Story Telling
    Total Physical Response

Lesson 12 & 13
  • New Books and Genres
  • This is a 2 part lesson.
Big Idea: I can read a variety of genres - books both fiction and non fiction.
Learning Objectives: Students with review parts of a book including genres- while being introduced to new award wining both fiction and non fiction.
Performance Task: game " Musical Books", watch video, review with online genre game, storytelling

Part 2-
Makerspace to review genres.
Storytell: Chinese Mirror [Korean Folktale about a mirror from China]

2.Technology- video, online genre game
3. Higher Level thinking skills - Is this book nonfiction or fiction? What is the genre?
4. Kagan:

Lesson LInk

Standards for 2nd
LA.2.LAFS.2.RI.4.10, LA.2.LAFS.2.SL.2.5, LA.2.LAFS.2.RL.4.10

Standards for 3rd
LA.3.LAFS.3.RI.4.10, LA.3.LAFS.3.RL.1.2, LA.3.LAFS.3.RL.4.10
Story Telling
Total Physical Response ||

Lesson 14: Where the Wild Things Are & Dr. Seuss
Lesson 15

  • Irish Story Telling & Oral Histories/ Primary Sources
Big Idea: I will listen to an Irish Folktale and Interview a person from Ireland [primary source]
Learning Objectives: Students will appreciate a different culture by listenting to a folktale and then forming questions to interview a person from that country. Introduction to primary sources.
Performance Task: storytelling, song, video, interview, artifacts
Lesson Link: storytelling: Clever Tom and the Leprechaun
Lesson Link: primary sources
2.Technology- video
3. Higher Level thinking skills - primary vs. secondary sources; discover how a primary source brings authenticity to learning, realize the importance of their own story
4. Kagan: work in groups to come up with interview questions
LA.2.LAFS.2.RL.4.10, LA.2.LAFS.2.SL.1.2, LA.2.LAFS.2.RL.1.2, LA.2.LAFS.2.SL.1.1.b, LA.2.LAFS.2.SL.1.3
Language Experience
Story Telling

Quarter 4
Lesson 16 & 17

  • Power Point Whole Group K- 2

Big Idea: I will create a power point [with my class] about books we are wild about.
Learning Objectives: Students will create in whole group a power point presentation using the following features: design, insert [photo, shape, audio] transitions and animation.
Performance Task: digital practice whole group - with power point, adding audio

[if students were absent for wild creature digital project - they will make this part up with assistant]

This lesson is in 2 parts:
  • whole group power point learning design features
  • adding audio to the presentation - narration practice

**Lesson Link**

1.Extention: Wild Creature Digital Project -last lesson
2.Technology- online activitiy - , record audio
3. Higher Level thinking skills - analyze how design factors enhance a presentation, also review their favorite type of books to read
4. Kagan: Random Group Selector - Numbered Heads to review Presentation Features

LA.1 LAFS. 1. W.2.6
LA.2 LAFS. 2. W. 2.6


If time: PoetryOur Farm Poetry -- power point on sheep factssheep poetry: Kenn Nesbitt poetry : A Sheep Is Asleep on My Sofa

Lesson 18 - fairy tale charades and on media lesson books