Michelle Harclerode’s Media Lesson Plan / Grades 2 : Date
Folktale/ Story/ Diversity:

Activity/ Technology:


LA.2..2.1.1 - identify various literary forms (stories, poems, fables, folktales, legends, picture books); and how they are alike and different

LA. identify and describe: setting, plot, character, problem and resolution in a variety of fiction

LA. identify lanuguage choices in poetry that appeal to the senses, create imagery and suggest mood

LA. identify an author's theme and use details to explain

LA. respond to poetry, biographies, folktales, fables, legends

LA. book report [book trailers] identifying characters, setting and sequence of events

LA select a balance of age appropriate fiction material to read

LA. recognize & understand using organizational features using table of contents, glossary, charts, graphs, diagrams and illustrations

LA. select age & ability appropriate nonfiction materials to read, based on interest and teacher recommendations,to begin building a core base of knowledge;[biographies, topical areas]

LA determines the purpose [entertain, inform, communicate] and the intended audience

LA. the student will read informational text : charts, signs, captions and follow multi step sequentially.

LA.2.2.61 generate research questions -- use keywords and select resources [atlas, nonfiction books, dictionaries, digital references]

LA. a variety of appropriate reference materials to gather inforamtion and located information using alpahbetical order

LA. and select appropriate facts and communicate information in a simple report that includes a title, a main and a supporting idea.

LA. record the author's and titles of work

LA. recognize that nonprint media affect thoughts and feelings [ graphics, music and digital video]

LA identify types of mass communication: film, newspaper, radio, digital technology

LA. use approriate available technologies to enhance communication and achieve a purpose

LA. use digital resources to present and publish thoughts and ideas