2nd Grade Digital Media and Research Lab

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Make Yourself Wild

1. Go to the Wild Thing/ Maurice Sendak Page or the Wild Thing Power Points.

Practice with Mrs. H and Genre Jeopardy - then scroll down to practice typing.

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If Time Chinese New Year

Parts of a Book: Non Fiction features: Table of Contents, Index and Glossary

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by StudyZone

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By Studyzone

General Information on Parts of a Book
Review Practice on Table of Contents

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By Studyzone

By Studyzone

Review Practice on Table of Contents
Intro to guide words and using a Dictionary

Practice Typing

Practice Your Keyboarding

Create a word cloud with Mrs. H

  • You will open several tabs.

1. Tagxedo Tutortial

Step 1 Tagxedo.png

2. Go to the Tagxedo Create Page

and create word cloud

3. Now save your jpg to

  • Student Share
  • Media Digital Projects
  • Second Grade
  • your teacher's folder

Play: Flood and then Vocabulary Spelling City

Extra: Mouse Practice and Dance Mat Typing

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Library Books in Categories

ABC Order


Practice Your Computer Mouse Skills

Practice Your Keyboarding