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Committees: DAC, SAC, Book Battle, AR, Technology, PARP, District Media Vision


for entire
Weeded over 200 book in May/June of 2012.
Reset up library, office and TV studio due to carpet and paint job.
Textbook Check out entire school ; students and teachers.
Wrote Parp Play Act One, Parp Play Act Two [ may not be used without permission ]
Parp Play Performer , Video sent to school tube
Started and completed Library Inventory
AR set up, created Literacy Lesson schedules
Media Orientation for whole school.
Trained news crew: implemented theme into productions, implemented character words.
Trained middle school helpers, Trained am 5th grade media helpers
Processed and created display for 100 Book Battle Books.
Redesigned Book Trailer Site and SSYRA page with links and individual short trailers
Created 8 min SSYRA Award show video introducing all titles
Created Turtle in Paradise Trailer over the summer
Created Aliens On Vacation trailer


Lit lessons
5th grade
4th grade
3rd grade
Set up Book Battle Schedule and page.
Set up the Book Battle Blog site.
Joined FAME[ state level]
DAC meeting [county level]
SAC voting member [ school level]
Coordinated with 4th and 5th grade to create class sets of Common Core literature
Began Collection Development - ran Titlewise Analysis - ordered more informative text
Created School Bus Safety video for our school -- was utilized by other elementary schools.
Created Tuesdays at the Castle trailer.
Trained new 4th grade TV news crew.
Distributed County Book Mark contest to 4th and 5th graders.

Lit Lessons
2nd grade
1st grade
5th grade
Processed class sets for Common Core Exemplars
Attended SAC meeting 10/11
Attended DAC meeting 10/17
Asked to present at Fame Conference - see letter
Fame Presentation - link here
Began creating visual display boards for Book Trailers and the Common Core
Parp Play Perfomer Act 2
Created Parp Bulletin Board for quarter 2
Put equipment order in [ headphones, cd players, video camera]
Halloween book display.

Lit Lessons
4th grade
3rd grade
2nd grade
Created special owl lesson for first grade.
Digital project with 1st grade owl wordles and animoto here.
Completed book order, after running stats a second time fianlized order of 104 Fiction and 213 Non Fiction.
Deleted 75 more books.
Cataloged and Processed Lego Science Activity Kits.
Created Guinea Dog Book Trailer.
Began work with 10 small groups for student book trailers.
Submitted 2012 - 2013 PDP
Attended Quarter 2 District Media Workshop & Meeting
Thanksgiving Book display.
Created Handouts and Assessments for Digital Projects aligned with Common Core

Lit Lessons
1st Grade
Continued small group work with book trailers.
Added new group working on Tripline setting re-enactment of the Soldier's Heart..
Winter Holiday book display.
Filmed each 5th grade class for dance portion of the 5th Grade Graduation Video.
Started to edit the dance portion of video.
Filmed Winter School Play and put on Schooltube.
Began processing 300 new books and creating searchable categories in Destiny.
Winter Break and half days this month.

Lit Lessons
K lesson
5th Grade
4th Grade
Created special Penguin Lesson for first grade.
Digital project with 1st grade Penguin Photo Story with student narration here.
Trained new middle school media helpers.
Created and administered Book Battle Team Tryouts.
  • Book Battle Team determined.
  • Team Review of President of the Whole 5th Grade & Sophie Simon
Attended after school district media leadership meeting [focusing on district media mission & goals] 1/15
Attended DAC meeting 1/16
Created Handout and Assessments for Digital Projects aligned with Common Core
  • Feedback for Digital Storytelling - SEARCH & SAVE
Helped 5th Grade Class narrate their photostory science reports for upcoming science fair.
Finished processing new books. Ran stats for collection development goals.
Created display for new books featuring common core texts allowing for teacher review first.
Storyboard for film - K orientation on Parent Pick Up procedures. Met with team.
Attended Quarter 3 District Workshop 1/31.
Met with Book Fair rep, began planning for Feb. Book Fair.

Lit Lesson
3rd Grade
2nd Grade
1st Grade
4 Book Battle Review Sessions:
  • Turtle In Paradise and Guinea Dog
  • Aliens on Vacation
  • Trouble with Chickens
  • Fortunes Magic Farm
Prep for Book Fair 2/1-2/8
Book Fair Week 2/11 - 2/15 - grossed $11,000 [ net $2,600]
Continued digital book trailer projects with 4th and 5th grade students
Completed Parent Pick Up Video Parent Pick Up Video and web link
Created Feedback for Hand Out for Digital Storytelling - CREATE & ANALYZE

Lit Lesson
4th Grade
Continued Work on digital book trailer projects.
4 Book Battle Sessions
  • Fast and Furriest
  • Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies & The Familiars
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester
Ordered new award books -
This was Field Day Week and Spring Break [ short month]

Lit Lesson
2nd Grade
1st Grade
Pulled first week to create retirement film for Ms. Caruso
Continued digital book trailer projects with 4th and 5th grade students
Created Feedback for Hand Out for Digital Storytelling - REVISE & SHARE

3 Book Battle Sessions and then mock practices
  • Tuesday at the Castles
  • Edgar Allan
  • The Shadows
  • 3 mock practices
Processed New Award Books
Created and Ran "Do You Want to Be a Book-a-naire" trivia game for entire school

Lit Lesson
3rd Grade
All digital student projects completed Student Made Trailers
Book Battle Competition - came in First Place
  • book battle party,
  • ar party with charades,/ ran AR Top Points List
  • Final Inventory, Textbook, Book Return,

  • run daily lost book list,complete deletes for the year - especially non fiction,/ book repair

  • Finished and Presented 5th Grade Film
  • closed TV Studeio