Check here for once a quarter literacy lessons and collaboration lessons

Committees: DAC, SAC, Book Battle, AR, Technology, PARP


Created opening day film " What Makes a Great Teacher."
Textbook Check out entire school ; students and teachers.
Parp Play Performer , Created Parp Play website page with video.
AR set up, created Literacy Lesson schedules
Media Orientation for whole school.
Trained news crew: implemented green screen technology.
Trained middle school helpers, Trained am 5th grade media helpers
Processed 150 new books.
Processed and created display for 100 Book Battle Books.
Created 4 Book Trailers: Out of My Mind/summer, Flight of the Phoenix/summer, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, Captian Nobody.


Lit lessons
5th grade
4th grade
3rd grade
Set up Book Battle Schedule and page. Created bookmark promoting book battle books.
Implemented new Character Corner on school news with Greico/ Groeneveld.
Helped Pollock/Huack with open house video.
SAC voting member - meeting. Taped Crews for SAC meeting.
DAC meeting
Created new bibliography lesson - shared with the district
Created new book trailers:100 Year Old Secret , The Secret of Zoom, Dragon's Egg
Trained new 4th grade TV news team.
Created new Frog Lesson for 1st Grade
Taught whole group Book trailer Lessons to Cavitt, Johnson, Turner and Keyes.
School site meeting: SAC, Kagan, Parp, AR


Lit lessons
Weeded Professional Resource - deleted over 100 out of date materials

Parp Play Performer - Act 2 - created link for video on website

2nd grade
1st grade
Set up Comptuer Lab Schedule [after FAIR testing]
training new 5th grade media helpers for quarter 2
created PARP bulletin board for school
ordered 74 Easy Books [ replacement, new lower level AR, some award books]
ordered 33 nonfiction books [ replaced out of date non- fiction]
ordered 29 next in series Fiction and Easy books [ to keep current with popular series books]
ordered 48 Fiction books [ replacement and new upcoming chapter books]
ordered needed equipment [ headsets with microphones and 2 cd/ cassette players]
Halloween Display / Scary Books
Worked with Ms. Turner's Class helping students create digital autobiographies to put on her website
Created Alvin Ho Book Trailer and the Magic Half
Created Owl Lesson for 1st Grade
Created Bat Lesson for K
Cleared Back Equipment Room
Oversaw BookMark Contest - first place winner was from our School
School site meetings: Kagan, Parp

Lit Lessons
5th grade
4th grade
3rd grade
Working with Ms. Keyes class helping create digital autobiographies to put on her website.
Mrs Turners class evaluated their digital autobiographies via blogging.
Created Dying to Meet You Book Trailer.
Processed over 180 new books with AR level, new book stickers.[ with volunteer help]
Re- organized Fiction Section create easier access [ with volunteer help]
Created Thanksgiving book display table.
Taught sm group of Mrs. Johnson's class to create and edit video using windows media maker for their water cycle experiment.
DAC meeting 11/16.
Downtown AR meeting 11/17
School site meeting: Kagan, AR.
Began working with sm group in Mrs. Hays class to create book trailer on the Magic Tree House.
Taught whole group intro book trailers to Russell and Jones.
Started implementing numbered heads software program into lit lessons.

Lit Lesson
2nd grade
1st grade
Special Classes - 5th Grade Manners Author's Tea
Worked with Johnson and Irons - small groups Science Photo Stories [ 7 total]
SAC meeting 12/8
Continued Book Trailer work - small group [ Keys, Turner, Jones, Hays, Cavitt] - narration
Filmed Christmas Play, created dvd's for cast and uploaded to youtube
Created Umbrella Summer Book Trailer
Number of visitors to Book Trailer Site for 2011 :

Lit Lesson
Trained new middle school helpers.
Trained Q 3 5th grade media helpers.
Taught Penguin Research lesson to 1st grade and created a photostory
Taught 1st grade teachers how to embed the penguing photostory in their own website - see Fulton.
Administered Try Out Test for Book Battle - 9 member team selected 1/12
Created Oliver Olsen Book Trailer
Book Fair set up 1/18 - 1/20and Book Fair Week with parent night 1/23- 1/27: Gross 11,800 / Net

Lit Lesson
5th grade
4th grade
3rd grade
Began Book Battle Review sessions with team- Umbrella Summer, Captain Nobody, Dying to Meet you, Extra Credit, 100 year Secret
Kagan 2/7
After school meeting with Book Battle 2/10
FCAT Reading Workshop 2/13
DAC meeting 2/15
Completed Student Book Trailers: No Talking Hatchet
Finished Dance portion of 5th Grade Film
Started official Book Battle Blog - students blog about books and book trailer creation
Book deletes - worn out books

Lit Lesson
2nd grade
1st grade
5th grade
Book Battle Review Sessions: Flight of the Phoenix, Alvin Ho, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, Nerds, Bobby vs Girls, Magic Half
After school book battle meeting- 3/2
Filmed all of 5th grade [ full day] in academic classroom work 3/5
Field days -- had 3 groups in for movie break each day -- but spent 30 minutes with book- a -naire practice and then 30 min movie
Began textbook inventory -- scanned all books in media
Completed Student book trailers: Savvy, Dragon Rider, Stolen Children Mummies in the Morning
Media Forum - 3/28
After school book battle meeting 3/30
Ordered end of year AR rewards.
Communicated end of year proceedures for staff with library events and book/ textbook matters.