1st Grade Digital Media and Research Lab

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Make Your Self Wild

1. Go to the Wild Thing/ Maurcie Sendak Page or the Wild Thing Power Points

Practice Fiction vs. Non Fiction

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For Fun Try Tina's World Real of Make Believe

Tina's World Real or Make Believe.png

Play these spider and snow games

to practice your drag and drop, mouse skills, keyboard and memory.

National Geographic Puzzler

Britannica Learning Zone.jpg
Draw a Spider

Make A Snowman

Practice your keyboarding skills.

Create a word cloud with Mrs. H

  • You will open several tabs.

1. Tagxedo Tutortial

Step 1 Tagxedo.png


2. Go to the Tagxedo Create Page

and create word cloud

3. Make a Name Word Cloud

4. Now save your jpg to

  • Student Share
  • Media Digital Projects
  • First Grade
  • your teacher folder

Typing Practice - Find the Right Key

key seeker.jpg

Play: About Printed Books - then ABC order game

Extra: Animal Match and Mouse Practice

Hint: when on About Printed Books - you must click the e- learning icon to launch.
Parts of Book Review

abc order.png
ABC Order

Animal Match - clicking practice

Practice Your Mouse Skills